Day 29: Playing The Room Two

The Room Two: Day 29 of 100 Happy Days

Your wishes are not always granted. I was hoping to get well in a day but here I am lying sometimes on sofa and sometimes on bed. Thankfully, the back ache is neutralized with medicines now and was probably occurring due to fever only which is not prominent now.

But sleeping is not on the list today. After sleeping so much, today I was restless and so I decided to download and play a game that I have been keeping off my hands for some time now. The Room Two is an atmospheric puzzle/mystery game. Since it is an atmospheric game, I plugged in my earphones and hit start.

I must say that the game is pretty impressive and if you like playing Sherlock with a spooky environment all over and an eerie soundtrack with similar effects, you will just love the game like I did. Every time you find something without the hint, you will be on cloud 9. This happiness will continue till you solve all the small puzzles and clear the stage. I solved three chapters and then I decided not to give any more stress to my eyes. But I will keep playing it for sure (in the future days) till I finish it off.

Tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

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