Day 33: Private India Review Copy

Private India Review Copy by BlogAdda: Day 33 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

Guess what got delivered at home today. Of course I’m stupid to ask that after posting the picture on the top. So, I was again shortlisted for the BlogAdda Books Review Program. This time, it is a book I could not resist at all. I have read two of Ashwin Sanghi’s previous books – The Rozabal Line and Chanakya’s Chant and I liked one of them. I really think that the author has a lot of potential. I have not read James Patterson so far but have heard a lot about him. So it was a must to grab.

This morning, the book arrived with a printed message from BlogAdda. I can’t wait to begin with the turning of pages of Private India now. The cover looks awesome right and it has been long since I read a murder mystery. Thank you BlogAdda for shortlisting me.

Wait for a few days dear readers and I will surely post a detailed review of my reading experience.

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