Day 34: Rabri Flavored Ice-Cream

Rabri Flavored Ice-Cream: Day 34 of 100 Happy Days

Why am I so forgetful! I have forgotten the name of the company but I do remember the flavor which was Rabri. Yes that was my first reaction. So far I have only tasted this flavor in kulfi but this came straight out of an ice cream brick.

Other than adding this delightful treat to my 100 Happy Days Challenge, I decided to tell you a bit about this flavor as well so that if you come across it in future, you can decide whether to go for it or not.

Frankly, it did not taste like an actual rabri but I still found it yum. It tasted more like khoya barfi or kalakand and if you like those sweets, you will like the flavor. It’s a little more-than-required sweet in taste which is not a problem to me but can be for you.

Ah, this is probably the shortest review I have ever written. *Smiling Sheepishly*

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