Day 36: Talking on Phone

Talking on Phone: Day 36 of 100 Happy Days

Out of the blue moon I received her call today. Let me first clarify before you start imagining things. She is just a dear friend of mine with whom I had not talked on phone for so long that I had almost forgot that I even had her number in my list.

But then within a ring the call got disconnected. I thought she might have dialed my number by mistake. When she did not called back, my guess was solidified. However, I decided to call her back. No, I was wrong. She had actually called me. But before she could even tell me the purpose of her call I just flooded her with all the teasing stuff.

We talked for a while and laughed all the while. It reminded me of old days. We used to talk more frequently back then. Guess with time everyone’s life becomes a tad bit busy with less time for anything else than job or work.

But it was really good to talk with you again Shnaya. I hope to hear from you on days other than the birthdays on which I usually call you but you forget often. And I also hope to hear from you even without a reason. Don’t kill me after reading this :p

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That's lovely to hear. Sometimes, its refreshing to connect after ages and realize there are some people who still think about us:)


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