Day 30: Young Cook in Kitchen

Young Cook in Kitchen: Day 30 of 100 Happy Days

Tomorrow is 15 August and the house will soon be filled with relatives and cousins for celebrating the day. I’m not perfectly well but I’m feeling a lot better now.

Cousin brother and cousin sister arrived along with family today only. With them, I feel better already. Especially with my cute nephews who have already exhausted me with all their questions and talks. This night, we had a young cook in our kitchen (my little nephew). He’s super cute right?

Get together are always fun. With so many people, you gradually drift away from your usual routine life and in my case I drifted away from the illness. There was a lot of fun we had and the late night chit-chats were worth cherishing. But we slept early (for a change) as the following day was going to be all exhausting.

I was happy and so I am tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge

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