Day 68: Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself: Day 68 of 100 Happy Days

So my phone had made my life hell and I decided to un-root it and flash the stock rom via Odin. After a lot of browsing I finally found the link to the official firmware and hit download.

This is what the captcha code said to me - Believe in Yourself. Can you believe it? For a few days I have been feeling down and something as unimportant as a captcha code tells me something that brings a smile on my face. Of course that is something I need to do especially after so many of my friends have already asked me to do so.

Is it sheer luck or the effects of attempting 100 Happy Days Challenge? I had read in someone's post that when you take up this challenge, you will start looking for little things that make you happy and it will result in self improvement. Probably I would not have paid attention to this captcha if I was not participating. So guess I'm on the right track with this challenge. 

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