Day 72: End of Round 2 (GameOfBlogs)

End of Round 2 (GameOfBlogs): Day 72 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

Today, we posted the last post for the Round 2 of Game Of Blogs activity hosted by BlogAdda. There are many reasons for the happiness. First of all, we were able to submit all ten posts in this round which will definitely give us a benefit when the scores will be calculated.

Secondly, when I compiled all the posts and re-read it whole again, I was really happy with how we have progressed. The scores are not out for even the first round yet but I really like how our story is progressing. We have created something unique and have planned something awesome even for the last round (if we get qualified). 

I will always cherish these memories I'm making with my team. Hope we get qualified for the next round.

Tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

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