Day 55: Enjoying the Rain

I agree that I can use this picture for a creepy or scary story that follows below it. Sadly I don't have a waterproof phone and that is the best my phone could click at night from the distance. So, it was a rainy night and probably you will ask me why I'm holding an umbrella despite of the fact that I love getting drenched in the rain?

To answer that question, first it was the night time and second, sometimes you have to listen to your parents. So I decided to just hold and umbrella and enjoy the rain without getting drenched. At least I got to enjoy the cool breeze that felt really awesome and soothed the burnt body of mine due to the extended summers. I guess delhiites must have thanked the clouds so much for such an amazing weather after what felt like years.

Tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

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