Day 69: Happiness is Finding an Old Comic Book

Happiness is Finding an Old Comic Book: Day 69 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

I don’t know how many of you have read comic books in your childhood but I have read plenty of them. I even had hundreds of them with me some six to seven years back but sadly my mother gave them away to which I was much annoyed. According to her I was not a child anymore. Yes I was not reading them anymore but I felt happy looking at them and stirring up some old memories.

Anyhow, let’s come to the point. As you can already see the picture, I found this comic book somewhere in my own house while cleaning up. This was a part of my collection and one of my favorite comic character back then. I was a fan of Raj Comics and Nagraj along with Super Commando Dhruv were my favorite characters.

This finding brought a smile on my face and I decided to post this as a part of my 100 Happy Days Challenge.
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