Day 65: Happiness is Watching Your Favorite Movie Again

Happiness is Watching Your Favorite Movie Again: Day 65 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

There are so many people who did not like the movie as much as they loved the book. I'm also one of those people but unlike so many people, I still loved the movie and it is simply one of my favorite romance flick now. Of course, no one can put in everything in a two hour movie but the director has done ample justice I believe. To top that, I loved the cast especially because I'm already fond of Shailene Woodley (a brilliant actor I believe).

So, this night I felt like watching it again and I did. All the quotes and all the emotions were spot on and I fell in love with it again. John Green has certainly written an epic teenage romance that is sure to stay in my heart forever. 

Tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

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Haven't seen it but would love to. Thanks for sharing:)


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