Day 74: Happy B'day to Me

Anmol Rawat Birthday Cake

It's always difficult to write about your own birthday. I can't praise myself, I can't write poetry for myself and I can't create anything unique for myself as that will sound as too much self centric. So let me do more pictures and less talk. 

On the top is my birthday cake and the two candles signify that I have grown old enough for blowing the candles equivalent to my age. It's funny how time passes away and how we celebrate for growing old. But it's awesome. I'm certainly not one of those people who are so busy to even celebrate their birthday.Let me add one more picture of me cutting the cake and that shall suffice for the words right now.

Happy Birthday Anmol Rawat

I don't want to post the picture where my friend and my sister smeared my face with the cake. Not because I feel shy to post them but they are too blurred to be posted. Moreover, posting cake smeared pictures of other people is a lot more fun in comparison to posting your own.

Alright, moving on, let me post the picture of a gift that was given by a close friend. That was completely unexpected.

Anmol Rawat Sketch

Thank you for the efforts and thank you for the surprise. I just love it and now it is hanging on the wall of my room. 

After this little celebration, I went out with friends to hang out for a while. Only a while because I had to attend a function at night. No it was not my own party but a marriage function (a day before) of a relative. 

So we hanged out for a while, had some weird talks and had some fun. We ate and hanged out some more and then I returned home. 

Four Musketeers & Best Friends

Other than all that, I want to thank all my friends for their lovely wishes - on phone, on messages, on Facebook, on Twitter and on WhatsApp. I felt rich for having so many wishes. I thank even the new friends I have found through blogging and blogging platforms. My circle just got extended coz of you guys and even your wishes were important for me.

I guess that's it. What else shall I say on my own birthday now? So I will end this post just by saying that I was really happy today and I feel blessed to have such a loving family, awesome cousins, rocking friends and an amazing blogging family.

Tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

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October 5, 2014 at 12:41 AM delete

I demand the smeared face pic :D I am sure it isn't blurred :P Happy happy birthday again bro!

Anmol Rawat
October 5, 2014 at 12:50 PM delete

I deleted that =D
Thank you for the wishes again :)


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