Day 53: Just You, Me and a Secret Review Copy

Just You, Me and a Secret Review Copy: Day 53 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

It feels awesome when an author connects with you for reviewing his/her book. This is the second time it happened and I felt really happy for the fact that at least, people are now looking at my blog, reading it and finding it an appropriate place to be reviewed on. The first such review copy was sent to me by Kishore Modak and you can read that post here.

I am really excited to start reading the book now as the concept has fascinated me a lot. It can be explored to much extent and I really wish that the book is good. This is because I don't want to write a bad review against an author who considered me for reviewing her book. But since I keep myself unbiased, I always write true reviews. So, you can trust me and my reviews all the time.

Anyways, I'm happy to receive the book and happy to acquaint the author. This post marks the day 53 of my 100 Happy Days Challenge

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