Just You, Me and a Secret - Review

Just You Me and a Secret Book Review

Just You Me and a Secret Book Rating

Author: Ganga Bharani
Publisher: Tales4 Publications
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 9789351267119
Pages: Paperback, 168 pages

Just You, Me and a Secret begins as Meera wakes up only to find out that she has no trace of her past life. She don’t know who she is and she is can’t even remember her name. She finds out that she is in a stranger’s house named Ashruth who claims that he is her lover and she was heads over heels in love with him. He also tells her that they had planned to marry soon.

Somehow, Meera can’t relate to anything and this is when Ashruth gives her a diary (named Clara) that contains her hand written accounts of her life. As she begins reading it, some of her doubts start clearing up but some new mysteries are formed in her head.

What will she find out in the diary? How did she lose her memory? Had she been in love with the guy who is taking care of her now? How did she fell in love with a person whom she dislikes from the core of her heart now? Does she have to live with her past or can she move on for a new future?

These are the kind of questions you will be left with while reading Just You, Me and a Secret. Ganga Bharani has made her debut through this novel which steers away from the formulaic college romance books the Indian authors are keen on writing (of course I don’t have any problem with them too if they are good). But it is appreciable that someone picks up a different genre.

Just You, Me and a Secret is something you can read casually and you will keep turning pages to find out what happens next. The more you read, the more truth is uncovered. But what is the final secret? Well you will have to read the book for that. But I can assure you that it is something that will come up as a shocking revelation and that is where the author shines the best. Although I will agree with the author that it was quite filmy. Though filmy is not bad for me but it might be to some people. That’s where opinions may differ.

Other than that, there were places where I could not understand the emotional outrage of Meera. A better character development through her diary could have been done. Also, I would have loved the revelation to be more elaborate and steady other than hitting hard and in a hurry. But that’s just an opinion.

Altogether, Just You, Me and a Secret is a great debut effort by the author. I dream of writing my book as well and I know that it is really hard to come up with a different story and manage to pull it through nicely. She has done it quite well and the books is worth reading by all means. The concept itself is awesome and the twists and turns make it worth the journey.

Speaking of the concept, I read a similar concept in Nikita Singh’s Right Here Right Now and even in that review, I praised her for the concept. Since Just You, Me and a Secret came first, I will have to give all the praise to Ganga Bharani. Also, she actually managed to pull of the concept in a nice manner which was missing in Right Here Right Now. She utilized it better and the result was a better book altogether.

If you are looking for a light page turner (I can’t actually say light as the book has some serious twists and shocking revelations but since it is easy to read, I used the word), Just You, Me and a Secret will suffice well. 

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Sounds wonderfully suspenseful and intricate. Thanks for the review :)

Molly Kumar
September 11, 2014 at 12:00 PM delete

Sounds nice, would try to pick on next book shopping.


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