Day 60: Keep Calm and Enjoy the Weekend

Keep Calm and Enjoy the Weekend: Day 60 of 100 Happy Days

That neatly covers my mantra for the weekends. Whatever you do, you are spending your hard efforts in earning for the whole week. Your body deserves to be rewarded with some rejuvenation and some rest from the routine life. You get just one life to do everything you want and believe me you don't want to spend it without enjoying a bit.

The arrival of Sunday means I'm going out with friends. Now I have two friends circle so I just keep things alternative between them. No one should be upset with me right?

So, like the picture, it was a calm, composed and an enjoyable day (weekend). You always have so much to talk with your friends and it was great conversing physically and not over Whatsapp or Facebook. Yeah the technology has ruined us but I try to survive and make some real connections. Chit chats plus hang out plus some delicious food marks a happy weekend for me. I'm not one of those people who needs a lot to be happy.

Sadly, I forgot to take a picture along with friends (or a selfie as per the trend) and thus I had to post this picture to talk about my 60th day of 100 Happy Days Challenge

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