Day 75: Scoreboard for Round 2 of GameOfBlogs

Scoreboard for Round 2 of GameOfBlogs: Day 75 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

I just could not believe my eyes at first. I know we have been doing a lot of efforts and trying hard to form a great story and somehow we had expected to move up the ladder. But a jump from the fifth position to the second position and from rank third to rank second was so enthralling that I checked it thrice before I shouted out loud in celebration.

Moving up the ladder means that we have been able to grab the attention of the jury and that our story is going great so far. Now we have qualified for the third round and all I want is to win this contest. I hope our efforts will be paid off well and we are doing a lot of research and discussions on how to take our story forward and offer something even greater and beyond imagination.

You can start reading our story at this link
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