Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 11

Tara woke up in her bedroom. Her head felt heavy and she struggled to recall what had happened. She could hear the muffled voices coming through the closed door. She tried getting up but fell onto the floor with a loud thud. Wincing with pain, she heard the approaching footsteps and her name being called. A relief spread over her face, as she comprehended that Shekhar was coming to help her. But the person who emerged through it was not Shekhar.

“You are too weak right now, Tara. Just give yourself some time and you will understand everything,” he whispered in her ear hugging her.

“Get away from me. Who the hell are you?” she scowled pushing him away from her. “Shekhar! Shekhar!” she yelled on the top of her lungs.

“Try to remember me, Tara. You know me. We have known each other for years.”

“Shekhar! Shekhar! Save me.”

She opened her eyes and found her in Shekhar’s embrace. She was drenched in sweat and her head felt heavy even in the real world.

“Sshhhh…. Tara! It’s alright sweetheart. It was just a bad dream. Oh gosh you are soaked. What happened to you baby? I’m so sorry for shouting at you. I don’t know what had happened to me. I did not mean to,” he said, without stopping for breath.

Tara was still delusional. She looked at his face and saw tears streaming down his eyes. She knew he was genuinely sorry. “I’m okay, Shekhar,” she said in a faint voice. Wiping his tears with her fingers she lifted her face to give him a peck on chin.

“I love you Tara. Please forgive me for shouting at you. I really….” Tara’s lips had found his before he could complete his words. He held her face in his hands and kissed her back. This was something he had always treasured about his wife. It was an old habit which began years ago.

They were still in college then and their affair was young and blooming. Like every other young couple, they were madly in love with each other but room for disputes was always present. They had a fight one day when Shekhar was being over-possessive. Enraged, he had called her ‘slut’ in front of her friends. That night, he had realized his mistake while tossing and turning in his bed. He loved her and thus felt annoyed at himself thinking how offensive he had been in his language to her and that too in front of her friends.

Tara had not slept the entire night. Shekhar had meant the world to her and now she feared that their relation was on the verge of breaking up just like the other couples around her. Next afternoon, she was having lunch in the indoor cafeteria of the college when she saw Shekhar coming through the door. For some reason, she shivered. He came walking briskly towards her and stood in front of her. She stood up involuntarily. Shekhar lifted his hand as if to slap her but slapped himself instead. Everybody in the cafeteria was now looking at them. He bent down on his knees and asked for forgiveness holding his ears, which was a gesture that showed he understood his mistake. Tara lifted him up and he began babbling about how sorry he was. When he did not stop, Tara placed her lips on his lips to stop him from speaking further. He could hear the cheers and claps all around him. It was their first kiss. This was so unlike any romantic movie but he had felt really happy.

As Tara broke the kiss, he came out of the trance. It was a sweet memory and he had always cherished it. He noticed Jennifer on the door and moved his face away.

“Ahem, I’m sorry I did not mean to interrupt you guys”, Jennifer said, making a gesture with her hands. “I just brew this coffee for Tara. I thought she would need this.”

“It’s alright Jennifer come in,” Tara replied with a candid smile.

Jennifer gave her the cup of coffee and Shekhar made her sit on the bed. The very first sip of coffee made her feel better. “I don’t know what Cyrus was talking about, Shekhar. I don’t know him. Where is he?”

“He left and perhaps that’s for good. You don’t have to worry about him Tara. I even thought of calling Aditya but then I decided against it. We should not trouble him without a proper reason. After all, he is gone now and I don’t think we should be concerned about him anymore,” Shekhar replied.

Tara nodded in agreement. But in her mind, she was still looking for memories that could enlighten her about Cyrus.

“Where is Roohi?” Shekhar asked Jennifer.

Jennifer was looking adorably at the conversing couple when Shekhar asked her about Roohi. She was fond of their bond and had always desired to find a partner with whom she can build a similar connection.

“Oh, I played her a movie on my laptop to keep her busy,” she spoke breaking out of her musing. “How are you feeling now Tara?”


“You should probably take a shower dear. It will really help you.”

“I think you’re right Jennifer. My head feels a little heavy. A shower would indeed be helpful.”
“Here darling, let me help you to the bathroom,” Shekhar said, holding her.

“I can watch the movie with Roohi if you want to accompany her in the bathtub too,” Jennifer said, winking at them.

Tara blushed and Shekhar threw her a ‘you-are-crazy’ look. “Call me if you need anything Tara,” he said closing the door.

“Come here Shekhar,” Jennifer whispered, “I have found something.”

“What?” he was puzzled.

“While you were with Tara, I decided to do a background check on Cyrus. Not that I had any suspicion regarding Tara, but I was just curious to find out about him and guess what?”


“This guy is popular on the internet for his blog. Of course, you could not have found it by yourself but a smart girl like me can access such information with ease,” she boasted.

“So what about this blog?” he said ignoring the latter sentence.

“Cyrus has been blogging about the extra-terrestrials a lot on his blog. In fact, till Roohi started asking me to play a movie for her, I had read about a dozen of his blog posts. He has some great knowledge I must say. He also have myriad alien related posts and seems to be obsessed with the idea.”

“He was offering me his help to…” he trailed off realizing that he was about to give away his secret to Jennifer.

Jennifer raised her eyebrows. “Help to?”

“Ah nothing, forget it. He was just a pain in the ass at certain things,” he tried to cover up. “So did you find anything?”

“Well, some of the facts that he has mentioned are not known to normal people. Till now, I did not believe that someone out of FOTA can have access to such facts as well. One more thing is that there is a person named Aryan Ahuja who seems to be quite fascinated by his posts and comments regularly along with some more information to add up. They interact through comments often and even this guy seems to have thorough information about the aliens and extra-terrestrial stuff.”

The name Aryan Ahuja left Shekhar shocked. “Did you say Aryan Ahuja?”

“Why? Yes!”

“Was his photo there with his comments?”

“The guy did not have any picture but was logged in through a social media account. I can trace back to his profile if you want. But why?”

“Let’s go and check him out first. I will explain to you later. Just want to clarify a few things,” he said, rising up from the bed.

As Tara heard the sound of their footsteps fading in the direction of the ground floor, she was puzzled. She had heard the complete conversation between Shekhar and Jennifer even though the door was closed and they were talking in low voices. It was as though her senses were on high alert. She felt something different and unusual about it. But she trashed the idea instantly as she sank her whole body into the bathtub.

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Wow! What a great writer you are. Is this going to be a book and if so, what age range. I am a published author, but a wanna-be novelist. This is inspiring!

Nathana Clay
September 24, 2014 at 2:56 AM delete

Interesting! Even though I have not read the rest, it is very compelling.

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Hey Anmol...

I deleted my previous comment by mistake! LOL

You are clearly an immensely imaginative story-teller!! I haven't read the previous chapters, but this is a riveting read!

Keep enthralling us with your awe-inspiring skills...

Much love

Amy Bovaird
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So interesting! Lots of different themes going on here!
I can't even hazard a guess where this is going. I will have to check back with you!
Thanks for sharing the latest chapter !

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Such intrigue! You have me in suspense Anmol: all these secrets! ;) <3

Anmol Rawat
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Thank you Candess :)
Yup we plan to do so :) Those were some lovely words.

Anmol Rawat
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Thank you Nathana. I'm sure you will enjoy reading it whole :)

Anmol Rawat
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Yeah I saw that. No problem :)

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I hope to do so. Thank you for dropping by and the lovely comment.

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Thank you Amy :)

There are a lot of twists and surprises coming soon :) I hope you like the following chapters as well.

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Thank you Elly :)

You have to keep reading to know the secrets ;)


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