Day 62: Using Flipkart First

Using Flipkart First: Day 62 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

Let me tell you that if you are not a Flipkart First Customer, you are really missing a lot of fun. The 500 bucks are really nothing in comparison with the exclusive offers you can attain from time to time. Well, this was the first offer and let me tell you the 500 bucks have been redeemed already as you can judge looking at the picture above.

The best thing is that I ordered last night and received all the items this morning itself (another perk of being a Flipkart First Customer). So why I'm happy? Of course because I shopped online for some necessary items and also because I redeemed the subscription fee in one go only and the rest of the year I will just be going to add up to the profit.

Tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

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