Day 58: A Writing Journey with New People

 A Writing Journey with New People: Day 58 of 100 Happy Days

Today is the first day of this journey and I can feel that I’ll be frequently posting about how crazy things went in this journey. The first post was posted by me and thus there was a lot of pressure. If the start does not go well, people can’t really create any magic in the following chapters.

Oh I did not tell you all about what I’m blabbering about. If you read my previous post in 100 Happy Days Challenge, you must be knowing that I’m participating in the Game of Blogs contest hosted by BlogAdda. Well that’s what I’m talking about.

The first day was really something. I have not felt such pressure ever while writing and the whole team was going all crazy with the concepts. Finally we stuck with something that was liked by the majority and is also unique in many ways. To know more about that, you will have to read the post. How can I spoil something written by me only? 

Also, I connected with so many other people and I'm guess I will learn a lot with them and we will create something really really intriguing and amazing.

Also, I took liberty of creating a logo for our team. I’m hoping to find the same excitement and thrills in the journey ahead. Yes, this definitely made me extremely happy today. Writing has always been a passion and such platforms can only make me happy. 

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