A Healthy Child Makes a Happy Home

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A healthy child makes a happy home. Who else other than myself can understand it better? I had acquainted with medicines since I was two years old. It was the first time I suffered from a severe asthma attack. Two years! I don’t even have any memory but the things that were told by my parents. You can imagine what that would do to any parents. I know from them how they were worried when my lungs were not able to pull in oxygen and I was suffocating. Of course, I was not able to tell them and they had to rush to doctors for diagnosis. Thankfully, things did not go too far and I lived with a curse that’s going to haunt me forever. The only change that has occurred since then is that I’m not a child anymore. Ohk I will always be for them.

I will not talk about that time because I can’t recall anything. I will talk about the time when I was 5-6 years old and I faced a similar situation. Asthma had not scrapped me for some years now and my life was going fine but it hit me all of a sudden in the wake of the night. I was old enough to tell them that I was not able to breathe. But what could they do at that hour?

A big hot bowl of water. My face sunk down to inhale the steam. A towel covering my head and allowing deep intake of the hot steam. This is what I remember. My dad deciding on what to do; clearly worried. “Breathe in,” my mom kept saying. “It will be fine just try to breathe it in.” Of course she was worried like hell.

Things worked as she had read in newspapers. Mothers I tell you. They always keep thinking about their child and keep reading stuff that they can use if their child falls sick. In a matter of few fraught minutes, I was able to breathe. I remember falling asleep and then rushing to a doctor in the morning. I remember visiting the doctor daily for artificial respiration that pumped some medicines in my system and helped me breathe. I remember eating countless medicines to keep me strong and enhance my immune system. But with all that happening, I remember the pain my parents went through. I remember their troubled faces. I remember their smile as they tried to assure me that I will be healthy soon. I remember them holding my hand as I felt the cold mist through the mask entering my system.

When I was ill, the whole home went sad and a life went missing from everybody’s face. The healthy me made them the happiest people in the world. With time, they enlisted me into various sports activities and they kept pushing me towards them from time to time. Skating, swimming, martial arts, basketball and all the local games I played in the parks. My diet was improved and I was made to eat all the vegetables and fruits. It did not cure the disease but definitely made me stronger and healthier to face the situation. The frequency decreased with time and today I don’t fear it like I used to do in my childhood.

The only message of this post is to convey that a healthy child makes a happy home. I have seen it myself. The smile on their faces when their child is healthy is not artificial that they manage to pull through when their child is ill just to give him some boost.

A healthy diet, a healthy surrounding and healthy physical activities are must. If you are a parent, make sure your child gets it all by hook or crook. If you are old enough to read this, your parents deserve to be happy; stay healthy and keep them happy.

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