Day 85: Big Billion Day Sale

Big Billion Day Sale: Day 85 of 100 Happy Days

I know that the Big Billion Day Sale by Flipkart was on sixth of October and today is ninth of October. The product which I had ordered has actually arrived today. While people kept bashing them, they made tons of money that day and many people were able to grab some great deals. I love how they have even used different packaging for the products that were ordered that day.

I'm happy because I was able to grab at least one thing that I needed. What's inside the box? It contains a pair of wayfarer. I was able to grab them at 55 percent discount which was a steal really. I decided not to post the picture on the contents. May be I will post one after wearing them some other day. ;)

Tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

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