Day 78: Giving New Life to My Old Phone

Giving New Life to My Old Phone: Day 78 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

For months I have been having problems with the battery life of my phone. For months, I shifted from one custom ROM to other custom ROM. I did not want to revert back to the stock firmware and I wanted to stay on Android Kitkat (my stock firmware is 4.1.2 Jellybean). But I had to sacrifice my wishes and revert back to see if the battery improves. 

Nothing happened. Thus I decided to give it a shot and buy a new battery. Now you must be thinking why I did not buy a new battery earlier itself. This was because I had purchase a new one about 6 months back only. 

So this battery arrived in the morning and now I understand what was wrong with the earlier one. It was an OEM product while this was a billed one with a warranty. Guess that was a fake one and I will think twice before buying from that website again. 

So, the phone is running awesome now and my decision of buying a new one can rest for another few months now.

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