Day 99: Happy Birthday Di

Happy Birthday Di

Well, it's still half an hour to go but since I have written something for her, I am posting it right now.

Hearty wishes for you on this auspicious day
Replacing the old traditions in my own way
For a sister like you is one in a million
Well a million is a bit short so probably a billion or a trillion

All these years you have cared so much
It’s no less than an angel’s touch
In all the hardships you were there with your support
As many times I thank you, it will always feel short

So skipping the thanks, I wish all the happiness in the world to you
May your life be always enchanted with the bright hue
The bond we share, may that never fade
And the cheerful moments keep getting sprayed.

I'm really blessed to have a sister like her. Wishing her a happy birthday in advance and wishing all her wishes come true.

PS: This is really not the best picture of ours but that was the only one where no one else was present so decided to put it up.

Tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge.
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