Day 86: Last Day of Game Of Blogs

Last Day of Game Of Blogs: Day 86 of 100 Happy Days Challenge

Today, I'm both happy and sad. The reason is that the activity which had kept me busy for more than three weeks has come to an end. I'm happy because after so many efforts, we were finally able to bring our story to a decent climax and were satisfied the results. I re-read our story and found it quite good considering the fact that there were eight minds living in different cities behind it.

I'm sad because I'm really going to miss all the stuff. A bond was created among us and we shared some amazing moments talking online and on messaging services. 

I do hope we win this game. But even if we don't, I will always cherish these weeks. Thank you every team member for making it memorable.

Tagging this post with my 100 Happy Days Challenge.

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