Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 24

While I was researching, I combed the pyramids for information. Nowhere in them did I find proof that they were tombs of any sort. None of the inscriptions talked about it being the tomb of any Pharaoh, and none had descriptions of their greatness as often tombs did. What I found there were relief carvings detailing their day to day life, their technological advancement and the some pictorial representations of some devices that seemed to be emitting light from them, like that of a torch or a street light pole,” continued the great Master.

“You mean the ancient Egyptians knew about and used electricity?” asked Aryan, quite thrilled by what he was hearing.

“Yes, the proof lay in the artifacts and cloth that survived from that period. The silk that they produced was woven intricately and could compete any factory made cloth of today. The ornaments that were found were gold plated with such finesse that it could not have been done without the help of some sort of advanced machine. I was excited, because I was being proved right. Further research led me to the central chamber of the pyramid, where a small empty box clarified my doubts. The pyramids were giant power plants, which generated electricity for the whole of Egypt! The entire construction of the pyramids including the outer insulating covering with tufa limestone- an insulator, shafts that were lined with granite which are good conductors of electricity all supported the theory. Ancient diagrams show a top triangular portion atop pyramids made of pure gold, that would beam this energy to all of Egypt,” said the great master when Aryan interrupted again.

“Sir, how was the electricity produced and why are they not used now?”

“Two essential elements are missing from the flawless structure of the Great Pyramid- the central conductive core that was placed in the box in the central chamber and the top gold capstone. Without that Pyramids are unable to extract the electricity generated from the core of the earth. When the water of the Nile flowed into the underground aquifers, it generated huge quantities of physio-electricity which was transmitted to the pyramids to conductive granite shafts,” said the Great Master.

“But Sir, then why haven’t any scientist recognized this great source of electricity?” asked Aryan.
“Man’s arrogance and greed blindfold him. When Nikola Tesla, the great Serbian- American inventor demonstrated it and said that free electricity could be the world’s own, the power giants of the world who were minting money from Nikolas’s discovery of Alternating current panicked. The idea of free wireless electricity for the whole world meant money loss to them. They were quick to label him a mad scientist with mad ideas. His lab was burnt down mysteriously and the poor scientist died like a loner from depression in a tiny hotel room,” said the Great Master and his eyes glowered.

Aryan kept mum. But Cyrus voiced his question.

“So this was the technology the Anunnakis used to extract Galladium,” asked Cyrus.

“Yes, the huge amount of electricity generated helped them to produce vast amounts of Galladium. You can find similar obelisks all over the world. The Anunnakis lived across the globe for centuries. And this generated electricity is just one part of my discovery,” said the master.

Aryan looked at Cyrus and the Great Master and thought “what else?”

“The Pyramids told me yet another secret. The secret of how they were built. The elaborate hoax that were around for centuries say that slaves toiled for years to drag huge blocks of stone to build them. But evidence point against it,” said the master.

“What evidence? “asked Aryan.

“In the Great Cheops Pyramid in the King's Chamber an F-sharp chord of sound is resident, sometimes below the range of human hearing. The infrasonic sound waves, sound that is below the range of human hearing were beamed to levitate these stones. The waves were channeled using certain cone shaped tools that tapped the sound waves from the core of the earth. They could levitate anything. With the advanced mind power, they acquired using Galladium, they could do many other miracles. Sound waves and physio-electricity were the main sources of energy for the ancients,” said the Great Master.

“The scientists have been experimenting with the power of levitation using sound for centuries,” Aryan spoke up.

“They are trying. However, they have not been able to levitate a 3mm screw properly. The anunnakis made humans their slaves who did all their works and created all these structures. Humans were always kept in the dark and fed with false information to hide the truth. The mysterious stone circles of southern Africa are yet another proof of sound energy of earth being extracted during ancient times,” the great Master paused then as though disturbed by something.

With the sound of a splash, a great turquoise dome entered and Haides emerged from it. He was in great hurry and in agony. He staggered towards Cyrus and fell at his feet.

“Master, I have been discovered. They know what I have conveyed to you. Suicide missions from the gray aliens are going to arrive sooner, a day prior to their arrival. And they would carry nitrous oxide bombs to destroy the unstable portions of the ozone layer. The gray aliens attempting it will be blasted off in the impact but it will make way for the ones who will arrive later,” said Haides and groaned with pain.

“They would change their plans again when they find you gone,” said Cyrus.

“No, I left my astral projection to be present in my prison chamber to make them believe that I was still their prisoner. But I have no strength left. Help me,” said Haides, and fainted.

The great master who was silent all along got up and touched Haides between his eyes. Haides shook violently as though he was being electrocuted. After a few minutes, he became stable and slumped down.

Cyrus picked him up and laid him down on the couch.

“Let him rest. He will be alright when he gets up,” said the Great Master.

“Great Master, what will happen now? They will destroy whatever healing we do to the ozone layer using those bombs,” said Cyrus and appeared deep in thought.

“Aryan, you should proceed to Tara and help with her awakening. We need as many active peacekeepers as possible with a short time if we have to accomplish what I have planned. The method is complicated but will ensure that the gray aliens do not come anywhere near the earth without facing sure death,” said the Great Master. Cyrus smiled as though he already knew what the plan was.

Eager to know more, Aryan lingered. But Cyrus was already near him and touched Aryan’s crown. As though caught in a rush of air he felt a powerful tug and his vision blurred. When he came to his senses, he was standing in front of the Dutta mansion with Cyrus by his side.

Urging him to go inside, Cyrus retreated towards the garden promising to be around if he needed help.

When he rang the bell, Shekhar answered the bell. Jennifer and Roohi were sitting on the couch with Jennifer reading a story to Roohi. Tara was nowhere to be seen.

“Where is Tara? I have brought something that will cheer her up. It is my way of saying sorry,” said Aryan. As though she had heard him, Tara emerged from the side door that led to the kitchen.

“What is it Aryan? I don’t have the energy to face anything new. Please leave me alone,” said Tara.

“Watch this Tara, you will forget all your troubles,” said Aryan, and handed over the VCD to Tara.

Hesitantly, Tara loaded it into the VCD player and the TV came alive with visuals. Aryan was stupefied by what he saw. The scenes were not what he had expected. It was the wedding video of Shekhar and Tara.

“Where did you get this? This had gone missing a few years ago,” said Shekhar who seemed delighted to have the CD back.

 Roohi, Jennifer and Shekhar crowded near the TV screen and Shekhar began to narrate the various anecdotes that happened during the wedding.

Tara was staring at the screen as though she was in a trance. Puzzled, Aryan watched as emotions began to play on Tara’s face. Nothing onscreen should have been the reason behind those emotions. Her face indicated as though she was scared, as though she was being scolded thoroughly. She flinched and paled.

“The shield that she has built to block the telepathic communications with us will wither down due to the subtle codes embedded in the video recording.” Cyrus’s words echoed in the Aryan’s mind.

Yes, his mission was successful. Aryan beamed.

Update: Read Chapter XXV here.

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October 7, 2014 at 11:43 PM delete

That is evil... and cold... using her wedding video to destroy her shielding? I'll admit it's a very intriguing concept. (Elisabeth from UBC)

Nathana Clay
October 8, 2014 at 12:11 AM delete

The idea of the pyramids being power sources for Egypt was fascinating! It would make sense. . . Great creativity!

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LOVE how detailed you are in your writing.. especially since your topic is very very very specific so way to add the historical elements with something new.

Anmol Rawat
October 8, 2014 at 1:06 AM delete

Yeah but what is the intention? Why do they want to destroy her shield? Read previous chapters to know ;) Read next chapters to know what happens when they succeed.

Anmol Rawat
October 8, 2014 at 1:07 AM delete

Glad you liked the idea :)
Thank you so much for the lovely words Nathana :)

Anmol Rawat
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Thank you so much :)
The best has been saved for the last ;) Hope you return back to read further :)


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