Team 'By Lines' - Chapter 28

Team By Lines: Chapter 28

The Great Master was restless. They had successfully repaired the hole in the Ozone Layer. The modest protection against the gray aliens was attained. Now the process of creating the Galladium shield was to commence in a few hours. The success of his plan depended wholly on his being able to last through the creation of the protective shield of Galladium. If he failed midway through the process, the Algorithm of the creation would be imbalanced. He did not want to think about the consequences of that at this point of time.

He will try his level best- there was no other way.

His senses tingled; someone was intruding into his thoughts randomly. It had never happened before. Someone had succeeded in breaching his thoughts. But who? Even Omega and Clariota, the two most powerful among the peacekeepers, had not succeeded until then. Then who?

The answer came to him in a flash. He slid open the door of his resting chamber and the little girl rushed towards him. The new comer was the child of his favorite student Clariota- Roohi.

Roohi touched his feet in respect and then faced him. Her innocent face was wet with tears. But her eyes sparkled with determination. Poor girl, her mind was flooded with the thoughts of Clariota, Omega and almost anyone she wished to hear. It was like hell.

The master touched the top of her head and instantly Roohi calmed down. A new sense of peace dawned upon her. Looking at her, the Great Master sighed in relief after reading her thoughts. He had found the missing link that would ensure that their mission was successful-His secret weapon, the dark horse.

Slowly, he took out the small cubical box of Galladium and drew a bright spot on Roohis’s forehead. He watched it spread through the child. A star child was soon ready to join the battle for the Mother Earth and the lives of several innocent humans.

He touched Roohi’s forehead and began chanting. Roohi closed her eyes and received the most important lesson of her life.


At the stroke of midnight, the Great Master took his position as the head of control at the centre of the four-dimension algorithm for the creation of the protective shield of Galladium around earth. Clariota aka Tara, Cyrus aka Omega and Haides occupied the three other critical points of the elaborate energy field.

He raised his hand and turquoise rays shot out in all directions. When he brought down his hands, three solid shining lines had inter connected the four of them and a circle had formed around them. Their powers were now one stabilized unit. With the power of telepathy, the Great Master signaled to the leaders at the other seven points of the earth that the process had begun.

In front of them thousands of Peacekeepers were seated in the shape of the primordial magical symbol, the OM. In front of them, they had cauldrons that had powdered Galladium or mono-atomic gold. When the Great Master gestured to begin, they started chanting, simultaneously. They chanted in unison using the stone prayer wheels and the cone shaped stones as they had been taught. The infrasonic sound activated the Galladium powder and it began rising up from each of the cauldrons. With every sound wave they produced, the magical shimmering powder rose higher and higher. Slowly the shimmering particles went out of sight. They kept the chants going.

Seven similar Om patterns were simultaneously levitating the Galladium to the outer space, forming eight bright blue points on the earth’s atmosphere. When viewed from the outer space, it appeared like Lava was oozing out from a crater, except that the lava was now blue in color.

Tara, Cyrus, Haides and the Great Master channeled the earth’s energy through the powerful chants led by the Great Master. Whenever one of them felt weak, the replenishing energy surged through them via the Great Master. A miniature three-dimensional earth displayed a slowly spreading layer of blue that was emerging from the eight control points.

Very soon, all four felt a powerful pull on their seven Kundalini chakras. It meant that the Galladium had reached outer space and was beginning to spread around the earth to form the shield. They concentrated hard and channeled their combined energies outward, towards the powerful Galladium shield, the second protective layer that would ensure that the Gray Aliens did not succeed in breaching the earth’s ozone.

The Great Master looked at them and smiled. They were succeeding.


Far away on the moon, inside their space shuttle, the leader of the suicide mission was scanning the earth to locate the weakest area of the ozone layer to create their entry point. To his horror, the Ozone hole at the South Pole, which they had calculated would be their best option, no longer existed. He scanned the North Pole; there too the ozone layer was intact. The fifty space ships, which carried the nitrous oxide guns to destroy the ozone layer, would not succeed in creating the entry point they needed. His fear grew when he saw a luminous light that began spreading from some four visible points on the moon-facing side of the earth.

The sparkle was a familiar one. His despair grew, because he understood what was happening.
Even in his sleep, he could recognize the shimmer of Galladium!

To his anguish, they were totally unprepared for this. He had to alert head quarters. Their whole mission was in jeopardy.


The three dimensional model of the earth in front of them was now shining like a gem; the Galladium had spread all over to form a complete shield. Tara and Cyrus glanced at each other and smiled. The Great Master’s face appeared calm, but his body signaled distress. Suddenly, Cyrus could hear the Great Master’s thoughts. It had never occurred before. He was acknowledging that his end was near and inevitable. It implied that his energy levels were greatly diminished.

“No!” Cyrus shouted.

Hearing it, Tara’s concentration slipped and the process slowed down.

“You must not stop my dears. My end is inevitable. Don’t fail the entire humanity for the sake of my life. I will be glad if my life serves the purpose. Continue transferring earth’s energy to the Galladium shield to strengthen it. Do not stop at any cost,” said the Great Master.

“The process is almost complete. Instead of dying due to the energy drain, I am going to leave this body and let my energy assimilate in both of you. That way, only my body dies and I will continue to survive as the core energy in both of you. Consider this as my blessing to both of you. Our mission should succeed!”

Those were the last words of the Great Master before he collapsed on the seat where he sat.

Cyrus and Tara closed their eyes and continued with the chants channelizing earth’s energy, not yet ready to give up.

At a nearby mount, Shekhar, Aryan and Jennifer watched with dread as the body of the Great Master began disintegrating into blue energy particles. The particles began rising in the air.After forming a thick blue cloud, it split into two. The two parts hovered towards Tara and Cyrus separately and enveloped them. A bright glow encapsulated both of them for a minute and then disappeared. There remained no evidence of any body or energy particles. Only the vacant seat of the Great Master reminded them that minutes before they had a wise soul amidst them.


The leader of the Gray Alien was devastated. Headquarters refused to believe his report. They were ordered to continue with their mission.

“There is no way that the foolish human beings would build something as strong as a Galladium shield. They didn’t even know the existence of Galladium when we last checked. What you have seen might be some weather phenomena. They are capable of wreaking havoc in their atmosphere due to their reckless use of their natural resources.” Those were the exact words of his mule headed captain.

Left without any choice, he ordered the fifty small shuttles to prepare to hit the shield of Galladium.


When the space shuttles of the Gray Aliens hit the shield of Galladium, Cyrus, Tara and Haides trembled. The energy drain had increased to an all time peak.

Cyrus opened his eyes.

Something was wrong. Someone or something had interfered with the strengthening of the Galladium layer. Red spots blinking on the three-dimensional model of earth confirmed his worst doubts. The suicide shuttles were trying to breach the Galladium Shield.

Cyrus, who had become by default the chief energy transmitter, was struggling to cope up with the energy drain. All the chakras of his body were burning bright and the energy being drained out was capable of killing him. The pain was spreading but he concentrated to pull out more energy from earth in an attempt to restore the energy equilibrium. The void of the Great Master had become their greatest weakness then.

Tara reading Cyrus’s thoughts panicked. Knowing that nothing could be done, she took a deep breath and concentrated on drawing in more earth energy. Haides was also trying hard.

Cyrus was almost at the breaking point when he suddenly felt a new energy coursing in through him. The energy pull slowed down and he breathed in relief. Opening his eyes to understand what had happened, Cyrus found the most unbelievable sight he had ever seen.

Occupying the vacant seat of the Great Master, deep in trance was little Roohi. The aura that she emitted assured Cyrus that his Clariota had given birth to another powerful peacekeeper. His chest swelled with pride.

Tara, Haides, Cyrus and Roohi continued the chants and the 3D model of earth in front of them sparkled like a brilliant blue gem. The Galladium Shield was completely formed.


The leader of the Gray Aliens shuddered watching the last of his suicide bomber shuttles explode after hitting the Galladium Shield. He frantically messaged head quarters and sent images of the shimmering blue earth in front of him.

After an agonizing wait of what felt like ages, his machine received a message.




The entire earth was busy. People were busy in their day-to-day routine unaware of the gravity of the danger that had just passed. Thanks to the Peacekeepers. The earth was saved. The billions of innocent lives were saved.

Roohi read her father’s thoughts and felt disgusted. He was still keen on publishing everything. For all these years, she had loved a person who was so self-centered. Jennifer had finally gained some sense but Roohi was not sure whether her newly gained sense was not endangered by his father’s obstinacy.

She then remembered what the Great Master had told her. A smile crept up her face as she walked towards his father who was now sitting on his knees startled by what he had seen and dreaming about his popularity when he published everything. She kept her hand on his forehead and a turquoise blue light layer surrounded his head.

“What are you doing?” Jennifer yelled out and reached for him.

Roohi blew a cloud of it towards her and she too was surrounded by it. The Grand Master had taught her the method to erase memories and had asked to utilize it when she deemed it necessary. Both of them froze. She looked at Aryan who had no clue of what was happening.

“You are a good person uncle. I know you will never expose the truth for your personal gains and thus I need not do this with you. You shall have the full memory of what happened and will retain it throughout your life. If the need arises in future, you will be the first person to know. My father is a greedy and self-centered person and I’m not sure of Jennifer. You can take them home and when they wake up tomorrow, their memory of these events will have been erased. I am even erasing the memory of my mother and me from their brains. My mother deserves better and now as we both have awakened, we have some great duties towards the planet. We need to make sure that it is safeguarded till we survive and we need to train more peacekeepers for the future,” she said. She seemed as though she had suddenly turned into a mature young woman from an innocent child.

Aryan nodded and patted her cheeks before he hugged her. “Keep visiting,” he said.

“I will.”

She turned back to find Tara and Cyrus holding hands. She could not help but smile. A blissful smile. She rushed towards them and plunged into their arms. She had finally found a family that would accept her powers and treat her likewise.

Earth’s peace was restored and the threat was gone. For how long?

Would the greedy human species allow the Earth to breath freely again?

Would the humans finally adopt the principle of UBUNTU that ‘I am, because We are!?

Would the man ever understand that when he did a little bit of good at where he was, he was paving way for the little bits of good to come together and overwhelm the world?

-----The End-----

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