A Touch is Enough to Rekindle The Spark

A Touch is Enough to Rekindle The Spark
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She looked upwards in the sky and tiny drops of rain caressed her face adoringly. She had always loved the rains. Not just she. They have loved the rains. In fact, their first meeting was under the rain. May be people were right when they said that love at first sight was not meant to last long. But they have managed to get their past the high school affair and tie knots together. Of course, things changed when they married and Ronit became busy in shaping his career. Nothing had been same ever since. The spark they had was lost somewhere. As the tiny droplets shaped into big drops conjuring a heavy rain, she felt her tears escape and assimilate in the rain. It had been forever that they had even talked anything romantic.

Ronit was driving back home browsing through youtube (a favorite hobby) in his brand new ipad when he came across #BringBackTheTouch video. He opened it out of curiosity and stuffed in his earphones.

Watching the video, he realized what has become of his relation with Anamika. The girl who took breath away the first time he watched her all drenched and literally dancing in the rain just outside the college campus. What would he had not given to be with her? Ironically, now when he was actually with her, he had given her nothing. He looked outside his car pondering over the last couple of years of their married life. She deserved much more.

Anamika had lost the track of time when she heard the doorbell ring. Ronit was home. She rushed to the door fearing he might scold her for getting drenched. She opened the door and found out that even Ronit’s hair were all drenched and his shirt was a bit drenched too. But he was as usual, busy on his phone. She turned around and thought of heading straight to the bathroom when she felt Ronit’s arm wrapping her and resting on her belly. She felt his other hand on her shoulder.  What astonished her even more was the beautiful red rose that he held in his hand.

“I’m sorry,” he said bringing her lips close to her ear.

She sighed as tears escaped from eyes.

“For being an assxxxx,” he completed.

She laughed pouring her emotions into the laugh.

“I promise to be a better husband if you turn around and give me a ki...” her lips had found his even before he could complete his words.

Sometimes, a touch is all that you need to rekindle the spark in a relation. Don’t shy away and try. You might be able to bring a whole lot of happiness into your lives.

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November 19, 2014 at 4:47 PM delete

I like the idea of this. Sometimes, we need a nudge to see what is really important in our life.

November 19, 2014 at 6:34 PM delete

Beautiful post! And very true! Relationships work when we face each other, not turn away!


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