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When BlogAdda announced the Free Shopping Fiesta in association with Quickr.Com, I was a little skeptic about the activity. Thankfully BA confirmed a few things and then I applied for the same.

I was new to the site and thus everything was new for me. Now, I found out that the site is a bit of hotchpotch of myriad things. It seems like a cluster of things and is rather difficult to navigate. I was looking for a new item initially and focused my search on watches and 5.1 channel speakers. Sadly, I was not responded by most of the people and I started checking even the used ones. The person who connected denied to deliver the item to my home. Now, I did not feel like going such a long distance to buy the product and that too a used one.

I was frustrated by now. I mailed BlogAdda that I wish to back out since the last date was approaching and I was not able to make a purchase. I tried finding other things but I simply did not need anything else. BA asked me to keep looking and trying and that they will extend the last date. While browsing through the computer peripherals, I got a look at the external hard disks. I was surprised how I had failed to acknowledge the fact that I really needed one.

At this point, I came across a serious problem persisting with the website of Quikr. I have taken the screenshots and hope the development team can modify things to rectify the issue. I went to Computer Peripherals.

In the sidebar menu, I selected External Hard Disks and the price range of Rs.2000 - Rs.5000. Now, as you can see, the first product is priced 2400 and the second is priced as Rs.2700 and so on.

Since I needed to make a purchase of around 5000 bucks, I decided to click on the price sort option and saw that it is already on the descending mode. Thus, I clicked it once and the list was sorted to ascending prices. On clicking again, the items went out of my price range. Now, honestly, this is a serious issue and must be resolved.

Anyhow, I contacted a person for a brand new 1 TB WD hard disk. Unfortunately, he did not respond and the time was running out. Thus, I started sending multiple queries in hope of receiving a reply from someone in time.

Here is what I searched for:

Finally, I was able to get in contact with a person who was selling his used external hard disk for a cheaper price.

To my surprise, he called me himself after a few hours. Now, this was a guy of my own age group and thus it was easy to talk with him. He denied delivering the product at my home and told me that he lives in a PG and I can come and take his hard disk. I seriously wanted to deny but since the last date to submit was approaching and since Chawri Bazar is not very far from my home (accessible via metro), I decided to go. I called him again the next day that I was coming to collect the drive. You won’t believe I even tried to bargain but to no use.

But since I’m quite popular for having a bad luck, I faced another problem. His place was quite near to the metro station and was easy to find. He had come out to the main road. Now, I had to take a picture with him as asked by BlogAdda and guess what happened? My phone was out of battery. So, I had to walk back to him room with him and then get myself clicked by his younger brother. I gave him my email ID and he mailed that picture to me at that very time. Thankfully, he was kind enough to ask for water; I was thirsty and tired. This was the hectic most purchase for me in so many years. I’m used to shop online where things get delivered within 2-3 days right at my doorstep. I know, it feels like I’m sleeping in the below picture but I did not care enough to look at it at that time.

But, at least I had a product in my hand now and I felt glad that it allowed me to participate in the activity within the given stretched time period. I really don’t know how to click a picture with the hard disk showing that I’m using it, so here is a selfie with my purchase that is again a bad one (why don’t I look good in a selfie ever? Even after applying a couple of effects?).

Also, I called him again and asked him to at least post me a reply confirming the purchase. So, he did that and with that I will like to conclude my post.

If you ask me honestly, the overall experience was not very good. It could have been better. I faced problem browsing through the products and then most of the people are simply reluctant to deliver the product at your home. Well, initially I wanted to buy myself a new set of 5.1 channel speakers which I could not. But this eternal hard disk is not bad as well.

PS: I have already filled it up with about 1.2 Terabytes of movies and it is working great.
PPS: Thank you BlogAdda and Quikr for this activity.

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