Missed Opportunity

Missed Opportunity

This story goes back to my institute days some 4 years back. It might appear as a no-big-deal thing but it meant a lot to me back then.

I was studying 3d animation and visual effects and I was an above average student who was appreciated and pushed by the faculties. Once, someone from a big production house had to visit our institute for inspection. Our institute needed at least one representative from each of the batches. So, the manager of the institute visited all the batches himself, talked with the respective faculties and students before he finalized one student from each batch.

I along with two others students were nominated by our faculty when the manager visited us. There was another guy and a girl in my competition now. He looked at me.

Sitting on the chair trying to look sober. Loose denims, bright colored shirt with the front buttons open showing the Spiderman tee inside. The smallest bag you can get kept on my lap. A micro sized notepad in my hand with a flashy ball point pen. Long air trying to hide my face and a thick stubble.

This was me. And I had always thought that this is how the artists look like. I was just trying to blend in according to my mind. On the other hand was a nicely dressed girl almost ready to give a presentation in the Microsoft and a clean shaved, trimmed hair, decent looking guy.

I understand now, why he did not chose me and I had to lose the opportunity. Even though I was better in the work I did, I was not chosen. May be if I had trimmed my hair and shaved my face clean, I would have appeared decent enough to him and he would have at least seen my work before making the decision.

So yes, an opportunity was missed by me. It was important because I could have made an impression that might have worked when I was looking for a job.

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