Staying Healthy can be Fun

The world has gone crazy for all the technological advancements. Every day, you can read about a new technology in the papers or over the internet. The next great thing the mankind is running after is the money. Of course, the technology is useless for you if you don’t have enough money to utilize it. To come up with that, what we are losing is health and fitness. The result is a cluster of diseases haunting almost every person on earth and short life spans.

There was a time when people used to live a healthy life even in their old age. But today, even the kids are not untouched with some or other disease or deficiency. Everybody has a different problem but the problem is there.

The reason is the one I mentioned in the first para. We have simply stopped caring for our health. A kid is happy eating a Pizza instead of homemade food and the parents are happy for the fact that they can afford to buy him that every weekend. Kids are happy playing video games on laptops, tabs and PlayStation instead of actually going out and playing the outdoor games. The parents are happy because they can afford the technology.

As for the adults, they are busy making money and the only time when they think about their health is when they are advised by the doctors and the conditions has become worse than what lies in the safe area.

Is being healthy or fit a difficult task? Is it impossible to stay in shape in present world where everyone is so busy with their routine life? Can’t being healthy be fund? I asked some of the people about the mantra of their healthy life and fit body and I’m going to mention some of them right here right now.

Lavesh Rawat, a software engineer says, “I have a hectic life. There was a time when I thought that I had gained a lot of weight and that was the time I picked up to play a sport - lawn tennis. I had been an active sportsman in my college days and thus I decided to play that instead of doing exercises or going to gym. It is fun for me and it helps me stay fit. This also means, I am able to reach home at late hours but staying healthy is necessary as well.”

Ashish Chaudhary, a 3d animator says, “I wake up an hour early from my schedule and jog in the park near to my house. When I get tired, I do some brisk walking and then head to the office after taking a bath. I always thought that it would make me tired but believe me on the contrary, I feel fresh the whole day. Moreover, all the time, I have my earphones in my ears. Listening to some EDM boosts my energy in a fun way.”

Preethi Venugopal, an author and editor says, “I stay healthy with reiki meditation and exercises. It doesn’t require you to slog out for hours in a gym. But gives a serene time that grants a healthy life. I like going for long walks too”

Ankit Lunia, a Charted Accountant says, “I along with my friends organize cricket tournament on every Sunday. All of us play for some 6 hours together that literally burns all those calories keeping me fit. It’s fun because I’m playing something that keeps me happy and in return I’m getting a healthy body. What more do you need?”

Ravinder Prajapati, an image editor working in the night shift says, “I have a weird schedule. I work when more than half of the world sleeps. This means, I sleep through the day that takes away my chance to exercise or go along with other people doing whatever they do to stay fit. Thus, I try to walk short distances. I take the stairs instead of lift to my office. Five floors are enough to climb up. This contributes a little towards my fit body. On two holidays I get that are 3 days apart, I hit the gym.”

Shnaya Arora, a flight attendant says, “My schedule is all messed up. Eating a healthy dies is one option for me. I stick to it and limit the fast food to just the weekend. In this way, I can enjoy everything without gaining that extra fat. I also engage in aerobics which is awesome.”

If you notice above, I have mentioned responses from people belonging to different industries. Even their response if different. But it is not tiring to them. They manage to live a healthy life with a fit body in way that is fun to them. Most of us think that staying healthy can be strenuous but the fact is that fitness is fun. The way may vary from person to person, but if you want, you can do it the fun way.

People replied that they take their dog for a walk, they play with their kids, they like to go for a swim, they take bicycling trips, they dance to their favorite tunes etcetera. All these are fun activities.

Sunfeast Farmlite has been joining their hands for the same through their campaign ‘Health is fun with Farmlite’ driven by Farmlite Bytes Film Festival. There are seven movies that they have produced spreading the message - Fitness is Fun.

Striker Strikes Back by Manu Singh explains it in a fun manner. It is a game of carom and the striker symbolizes an obese person. He is not able to hit any coin. After three tries, he loses the weight due to the warm-up and then succeeds in striking the coins inside the pocket. It is sarcastic and it is informative at the same time.

Farmlite Navratri tells the epic tale of the nine garba nights. It is fun right? But did you know how much calories do you burn in those nine nights? Find out watching the video and you will be surprised.

Homework Kiya is an ad presented in a manner that you find in those telebrand sites. But the ultimate message is quite important and reveals a lot about the fitness of people who contribute in households. Are you aware how many calories can you burn while cooking or while ironing or other activities? Find out by watching the video.

Fit Fighter is a rather amusing ad especially meant for the married couples. Well, don’t take it too seriously and start fighting though.

The Great Laughter Sales Meet is one of the best ads from all of them. We forget that even laughing can burn the calories. A laughter break between the strenuous work schedule and meetings helped in burning the calories and also offered the fun that was missing. Isn’t it awesome? 

Sunfeast Farmlite aims for a healthier India by introducing the new healthy range of cookies. With the taste that delicious, now you won’t even have to worry about your health. The cookies come in two different flavors - Oats & Raisings and Oats & Almonds. Trust me when I say that both of these are delightful. 

Sunfeast Farmlite

Who says staying healthy can’t be fun? Sunfeast Farmlite puts a stop to the thought and offers you a healthy, nutritious and yet delectable cookies.

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