The Best Laid Plans (Sidney Sheldon) - Review

The Best Laid Plans - Review

The Best Laid Plans - Rating

Author:Sidney Sheldon
Publisher: BCA
Publication Year: 1997
ISBN: 9780002256605
Pages: Hardcover, 358 pages

Oliver Russell is hungry for power. He betrays his fiancée Leslie Stewart in order to gain power and marries the daughter of the senator. Hurt by his actions, Leslie decides to take revenge. She amasses her own media empire slowly making her way up in terms of power with evil intentions.

On the other hand, murders from the over dosage of Ecstasy have been finding their way in the news.

Dana is a press reporter who is stuck amid a war by her own choice and wants to help the people who are being killed innocently.

All these stories unite into one in a shocking way to combine into one story.

The Best Laid Plans is the first book from Sidney Sheldon that I’m reading. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. I was never interested much in the thrillers (except Dan Brown) and thus never picked him up. Reading the same genre often brings you at a point where you want a change.

The first impression of the book was really good. I could not believe the pace at which the story was going and I loved it. It opens with two major characters and all the betrayal and revenge stuff generated interest in me. But then, other plots were included into the story and I lost the grip. I had no idea what was going on. Now that can be an issue because I was not familiar with his writing style.

But soon The Best Laid Plans brings all the stories together and then I felt the interest rising again. But the major problem that I felt is that I could not connect to any of the character. Guess it was meant to be like that as all of them were shrewd in some manner or other utilizing situations for their own benefit. Probably that’s what power and media is all about. I really don’t like political thrillers and this happened to fall in the same category for most of it.

The Best Laid Plans was okayish for me till I read the last few pages that revealed something really shocking. I had not seen that coming and was left aghast. For me, the revelation is the best part because I’m a fan of the twisted climaxes.

Overall, I liked reading The Best Laid Plans. It is a fast paced thriller and you will really lose the track of time while reading it. Also, it reveals some of the shocking truths about the media and politics.

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November 23, 2014 at 6:56 PM delete

i started liking Sheldon novels after reading his 'rage of the angels'

Nice review :)

November 24, 2014 at 6:11 PM delete

First Sheldon book? WOW!

I had finished all of his books before I turned fifteen! Read 'Tell Me Your Dreams' and 'If Tomorrow Comes'. They are Sheldon's best work.

This book was blah for me too! For once, our ratings match :P


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