Bedtime Rituals with Infants

Kids are the most beautiful creations. They bring a whole new joy into your lives and transforms your world completely. Of course, some people connect children with worries, tension, irregular routine and chaos. Maybe, those people need to learn all about good parenting and then they will understand how the little things can change their perspective and bless them with a comforting parenting.

Most of the parents find the night time to be disaster. This is because infants are prone to waking up in the middle of night for myriad reasons. First, remember that your parents had to go through the same in your upbringing and they did not flinch a bit. Secondly, there are certain bedtime rituals that may help your child have a sound sleep and allow you peaceful nights as well. Some of the bedtime rituals that have been shared by me with little ones are:

Playing with them. There are several things you can play with them. Most of the times, you have to make up a game that stands up to the infant’s liking. A lot of toys are available in market and online shopping stores dedicated for infants. Use them and occupy their mind before putting them to bed for sleep. This helps in channelizing their energy in the right manner and offers a peaceful sleep afterwards. I have even used block to create interesting figures to grab my nephew’s attention. Yes, I’m not married and don’t have kids but I do have indulged in the bedtime rituals with my nephews.

Become a storyteller. Story books might be fine for a little grown up children; but for infants, you can try narrating simple stories animatedly. Use your hands, voice effects and even toy figures to narrate a story that will grab their interest. You can channelize your words according to their understanding and interest. Try to make funny gestures. The more the infant laughs, the more successful narrator you are to him.

Sing lullabies if necessary. Many kids fall asleep to the stories. But sometimes, they need a soothing voice in their ears. Sing a lullaby for them while caressing their head. You will see that the infant will fall asleep too soon if you are not actually coarse in your voice.

Lastly but most importantly, you need to use a quality diaper. The new Pampers Baby Dry Pants seems promising as it promises dryness on the inside too. This is an extremely helpful quality as it means that the infant will never be disturbed in the sleep as he will never feel wet. This will ensure a sound sleep for the baby which will help majorly in the other bodily functions and metabolisms. Also, you will be able to have peaceful nights as well. 

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