Quikr NXT: A Blessing for Buyers and Sellers

Quikr NXT: A Blessing for Buyers and Sellers

Quikr offers a great place for both seller and buyer. I previously had a misconception about the website that it juts offered second hand or used products but when I visited the site for the first time, my misconception was cleared. It do have all sort of sellers ranging from individual to retailers. The best thing is that you can purchase products at special discounts and avail so many offers that you might not get while purchasing from the local shops.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, the platform gives you an opportunity to explore the marketplace and redeem what may be the best deal. I have purchased a product using Quikr and there was a big problem that I had faced making my purchase. It was the communication problem. Most of the time was wasted over trying to connect through phone. This happened because we could not find a time to talk when both the individual seller and I were free to talk and discuss the product.

With the arrival of Quikr NXT, I guess I won’t have to face the same problem again. Also, so many people who were finding it difficult to contact the sellers or buyers, will now be able to breathe a worry free air.

The three reasons why I would prefer chat over a phone call are:

1) No need of sharing your number
Now this is a real boon in creating a whole new privacy and safe environment for both buyers and sellers. While browsing through the products, you might come across some individuals who misuse your personal number. You might start getting all sort of spam messages on your numbers. Well, with the chat option, I can kiss goodbye to all such worries. Also, this feature will be of much more help for the female buyers.

2) No need to figure out a mutually free time to talk
I’m in office when he is free? He’s attending a meeting when I’m free? Well, that won’t be a concern anymore. I can drop him a text whenever I’m free and he can respond whenever he is free. There is no hustle-bustle over making out time specifically for the same. I have experienced it personally and I can vouch for the fact that chat will offer a great relief and enhance the experience to further levels.

3) Media sharing
While talking over phone, I can’t demand for any sort of pictures of the product. Suppose I want to look at a product from all the angles, I can simply ask the seller to click the photos and attach them to the chat. The seller usually attaches one or two pictures and it might leave you unsure about the condition of the product. Thus, chat will help a lot in that direction.

Overall, I guess chat will come up as an amazing replacement for a phone call and will prove to be a blessing for both the Buyers and Sellers on Quikr.

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