Replace your existing car with Quikr NXT!

Replace your existing car with Quikr NXT!

When you see the world sitting on the driving seat of your Maruti Suzuki 800 noticing the other people overtaking you like a mad rush, you realize that it might be the right time to replace your car with something better. No other complaints from the existing car (even the AC runs pretty fine) but the world is heading faster and the technology has grown exponentially. Yes, you do crave for something better even if you have the best.

But if I were to actually replace my car, what can be better than using the Quikr NXT? I saw the advertisement for the first time on a commercial running in the break of a TV soap. I was intrigued by the idea itself and decided to explore the platform further by signing up.

So, how will I use Quikr NXT? I will use my smartphone to click some decent pictures of my car using all the possible angles and trying to capture it entirely. Half a dozen extra snaps will do no harm. I can browse through my gallery to keep the best ones after all. Then, I will sign into my Quikr account using the Quikr app in my smartphone and place a new ad through my account regarding the sale. The app makes it easy to upload pictures and create ads and you don’t need to worry about transferring the pictures from your phone to desktops or laptops. Once done, I will post the ad with an eye catchy headline and mention all sort of necessary details about the car on the descriptions. I always feel that a nice headline, coupled with some dedicated keywords brings you up in the search results of people and you have a better exposure altogether. If more people watches your ad, more will be the chances that you make a quick sale.

After all that is done, I will just wait for the interested people. With Quikr NXT, it will be easy to communicate as we don’t have to necessarily be free at the same time to make a deal. We can chat across the app as per our comfort and even send in additional details if required at go. I know, it won’t take much time to sell the car with such features.

Once, my car is sold, I will start looking for a new one (or a second hand) for myself. It’s quite simple. I just have to put keywords like ‘car for sale’, ‘brand new car for sale’, ‘used cars for sale’ etc. and I will have extensive results to choose from. Once again, I will use Quikr NXT to communicate freely and make a deal. Quite hassle free right?

Quikr was already a great platform but with Quikr NXT, it has certainly reached new heights.

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