The Second Coming (Shubha Menon) - Review

The Second Coming (Shubha Menon) - Review

The Second Coming (Shubha Menon) - Rating

Author:  Shubha Menon
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers India
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9789351363705
Pages: Paperback, 203 pages

Mini is a wedding planner by profession but ironically the magic that he creates in planning marriage for others is missing in her own. She yearns for the romance that has been lost somewhere in the married years.

A royal prince decides to get married to a Bollywood starlet and Mini is sent to Mumbai to plan the wedding. In Mumbai, she meets Rustom, the manager of the Mumbai office. Married but a skirt chaser, he appears to be the perfect hero from a romantic novel to her. She decides to shed weight and redefine her clothing to make herself desirable.

A new secret relation is born between Rustom and Mini ignited with the passion and urges. But where does this relation lead to? What will Mini do? Will she cheat on her husband? Does Rustom love her? What will Mini’s husband do when he finds about her affair? 

The Second Coming is all about a female protagonist who is heading towards her menopause and wants to chase her passions as she had always dreamt of reading the mills and boon type of romances. 

Subha Menon makes her debut with this book and has done a nice job for a debut I must say. I received an autographed copy from the author herself and I really think that it puts one hell of a burden on you. This is because if you don’t like a book in such a case, you find it hard to demoralize the author with your ratings. On the other hand, if you give good ratings, you are cheating on your readers.

Thankfully, The Second Coming (and I’m honestly speaking it) is a good light read which keeps you reading if you have the luxury of time with you. The story revolves around a female protagonist and that does make it a bit of a chick-lit novel but isn’t that a nice way to learn about the psychology of girls for guys?

The Second Coming was interesting right from the beginning. The author keeps inserting the humor in fine intervals to keep you amused. Mini as a protagonist is no glorified female. She is a common person and she does make mistakes, she does have the wild fantasies, she does look for the romance in her marriage and is offended when she can’t find any. I liked how the book keeps itself within the real terms. That’s how things can turn in a real life. But the true meaning of the title is revealed only in the climax.

For some reason, I was not sure what would happen in the climax and I might be a bit disappointed because I could not pick a side. At some parts, I felt bad for Mini; at some, I felt bad for her husband. A lot happens and at places you find Mini to be a bit irritating as well. But that’s just a personal opinion. Although, I do believe that it ends on a good lesson.

Definitely, The Second Coming is a quick read and a light one at that. I finished the book in a go. So that’s definitely worth appreciation and I would like to congratulate Shubha on that. Go for it if you are looking for a fun, light read on a lazy afternoon. Also, if you're a girl, you will like it more than me definitely.

The ordinary and constant is always essential in life, much like the sun’s cyclical journey around the world. 

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Thank you Anmol! I think your review is honest and fair, considering you are a man. Shubha Menon.

Anmol Rawat
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Thank you for stopping by :) My best wishes for your book :)


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