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Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day. This is because it is the first meal and a lot of bodily functions depend upon it. Doctors say that it should be included as a powerhouse for a body. One should include nutrients rich eatables for the breakfast. Even if it is light, you should be able to assimilate the necessary nutrients and minerals into your body.

With the working lifestyles, one often looks towards easy to make and serve eatable. I am sure most of us will be happy with a slice of white bread and butter even though we know that it is only going to be unhealthy for us in the long run. Obesity is already a big problem in the entire world and yet, we run away from healthy food. 

Cooking your breakfast yourself can be a bit tedious. It is awesome when my mother is there (which she always is except some rare days). She makes sure that I am eating healthy. However, when I am alone, bread and butter is the way to go (grinning). However, I do make a good omelet and even it can suffice.

A few times, when all are feeling lazy, you are tempted to buy some junk food from the outside. It is oily as hell and undoubtedly extremely unhealthy. Moreover, the oily food just enhances the level of your laziness to a completely new level and you feel drowsy the whole day. No kidding! It also keeps you thirsty even when your stomach is feeling like a sea of water.

Then I stumbled over the Kellogg’s cornflakes YouTube channel. I am not saying that I have never ever tasted cornflakes in my entire life. But all I did was put some cornflakes in my bowl and pour the required amount of milk over it. I used to have it in my childhood days and frankly, I was not quite fond of them. Moreover, with time, I got bored with the taste. 

On their channel, I met with Kellogg’s wale Guptaji. This is how I came to know about the variety of Kellogg’s dishes that Mrs. Guptaji makes. Watching those recipe videos will certainly make you drool. You will be surprised that all those dishes have been made using cornflakes, the thing that you might even have hated until now. Using the help of her Chef brother Ajay, she comes up with unique and delicious breakfast ideas. The two recipes I liked the most are:
Cheesy Corn Flakes (Line pe lane wala nashta)
Cornflakes fruity Yoghurt cup (Smile wala nashta)

I know the taglines are awesome. But the breakfast is going to be more than that. Now, whenever I’m alone at home I can savor it without having to compromise with my health. I will even suggest it to my friends who are living alone in my city. Also, Mrs. Guptaji is having over 100 such recipes. You can literally have something different everytime. So what are you waiting for?

This post has been written for https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta and https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia.

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Lux Ganzon
March 25, 2015 at 6:23 AM delete

Breakfast is most often taken for granted but that shouldn't be the case. Thanks for sharing these. Wonderful ideas and enlightening.

Anmol Rawat
April 1, 2015 at 11:50 PM delete

Exactly :) Thank you for dropping by Lux :)

March 12, 2018 at 11:20 AM delete

Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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