He was a Rickshaw Puller

It was a sunny afternoon and I was driving towards my friend’s place. It was the typical day out on Delhi’s street. The road was all blocked out with heavy traffic and there was so much of honking and other noise pollution. While slowly movie (or dragging?) in the traffic, my eyes fell on a rickshaw puller who was laughing along with the children sitting in his rickshaw. The children were wearing school uniforms and were obviously going home from school.

The rickshaw puller seemed quite happy. He was talking with them and the kids were enjoying too. Even he was stuck in the traffic but his face was calm and composed. It looked odd because actually, he had to pull rickshaw with much efforts every time the traffic crawled whereas the people with their motor vehicles including me had to just push on the accelerator.

The biggest shock hit me when I looked at his feet. I was left baffled with what I had seen. His left leg was not a real leg; it was mechanical. He was disabled; specially abled to be more precise. When the traffic moved, I saw him paddling the rickshaw. I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been to him to pull and paddle the rickshaw using one mechanical leg. But still, he was happy and was lost in his own world.

I followed the rickshaw everywhere he went. It was a good 3-4 km distance in total. When he had dropped every child safely at home, he started paddling back to the main road, probably to look for more passengers. I stopped near him and asked him about what had happened.

He told me that he was a victim of hit and run. He was hit by a car and in that accident; he had lost one of his leg. Pulling his rickshaw and dropping kids to school and back home was his job. It was how he earned a living for his family. He told me that it was impossible for him to leave what he did. All he needed was courage and that was provided by his wife. She used her savings to fix him a mechanical leg so that he could continue with his profession. I asked him if he hurts himself by doing it. He replied that he’s happy to keep his family happy. Other things simply don’t matter.

I was moved by his story and his positivity swept me off the floor. We keep mourning for things we can’t get and yet there are people who have no complaints even when fate had such bad plans for them. His story generated a little bit of optimism inside my pessimistic soul. People like him are an inspiration for me, us and our entire society. Who was he? He was a Rickshaw Puller!

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March 6, 2015 at 1:24 PM delete

Oh! That's inspirational, Anmol.
Sad that many people are whiling away their time or complaining. We have so much to be grateful & optimistic about.

Anmol Rawat
March 20, 2015 at 10:30 PM delete

Thank you Anita :)
Yes I do believe in that. Such people are a great inspiration.


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