Look up, at the Brighter side

Look up, at the Brighter side

Life is tiring, it is boring, and I may add full of complications. The daily wear and tear of our lives, often leave us in remorse by the end of the day. Sometimes some things happen and leave you broken. It can be your studies or results, it can be your career life, it can be relationships, or it can be your inner demons as well. Sometimes, you think what the meaning of life is. Why were you born? What purpose do you have while you live? Every one dies, one or the other day. Then why do you have to go through so much when the ultimate destination is the same?

It is times like these when you lose your strength and your life turns hollow. It is not ‘bad’ bad. It is a part of life. Everyone at some point of time goes through it. I went through it as well. Things were not working up for me and I started hating the entire notion of life. No, I am not kidding. It happened for real. It was a bad phase. You feel as if something is eating you up from the inside and I was just a school-going person back then.

Then a few cousins came over. It is always good to have your cousins around. A few more came the next day and it was followed by a few more the following day. It was all a co-incidence and we were 9-10 cousins in the house. We spent almost two weeks together at my place. All these days were filled with the ultimate joy, fun, and laughter. We played those card games, board games, watched movies late at night, ate a lot, slept so less that our eyes started bulging out, and did other fun stuff #together.

I can’t express how happy I had felt in those two weeks and how relaxed and relived my mind was. Do you know the feeling when you have been carrying a 20kg weight on your shoulder for a couple of hours and then somebody out of kindness lifts it off you? I felt exactly like that.

In those days, I understood the meaning of life. It was these joyful and memorable moments why we bear through so much in our lives. These moments might be a mug of water in a bucket, but they balance everything in life. These moments are worth living for.

It is not that I do not have those bad days now. Life is full of twists and turns and there are days when you feel extremely down. However, now I know that if you look up, at the brighter side with optimism, you can recover faster than allowing those feelings to take over you. It might take certain time, but you will always emerge out alive and stronger. 

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Pawan Verma
March 18, 2015 at 11:23 AM delete

This is full of strength & motivation.
Worth reading. Keep writing |o|


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