My Family, My Pride!

Your family is the most important part of your life. Right from the beginning of your life, the family nourishes you, helps you in growing up and polishes you to define you exclusively in the vast world. All of them share their inputs and craft you in some or the other manner. Each one of my family members gave their best to make me who I am today but since I have to write about just one for now, I will talk about my mother.

I remember my childhood days. Be it the indoor activities, or the outdoor ones, she was always besides me. I remember how we used to play video games together and used to run together in the parks. She was there by my side no matter what I wanted and what I did.

Every 1st and 15th of the month when I was a little one but knew how to read, I received my copy of champak (a comic mag meant for kids). I had a habit of finishing off my language curriculum books in the summer vacations itself. I loved reading stories and seeking this habit, she had subscribed for it. The flare for reading emerged right at that age itself. Thanks to her, or I would have been the one who fear from literature and books. I wouldn’t have been a proud bibliophile, if not for her.

The reading mania led to the interest in writing. While we were renovating our house, I found a few things from my childhood days and some of them were pieces written by me that were written with a shabby sense of writing but nevertheless written at that age.

Indian Education system is frankly quite pathetic as no exposure and awareness is generated right from the beginning and this is why so many students deviate from their career choice at the later stages of their lives. I was a science student who wanted to become an engineer (frankly, I had no idea what was that all about but still I wanted to be one!).

Things changed and I opted for graduation in English literature. I told you I had a flare for reading and right from the beginning itself. She was the one who encouraged me to pursue whatever I wanted. She helped me make the tough decision.

I might still be struggling today, but I’m happy for writing is what makes me happy. Right from the beginning she motivated me and it helped me refine my skills and develop into a writer. The happiness that I saw in her face when I told her that I’m going to be published in an anthology series was priceless.

So yes, I can call myself an author now and it is all because of her encouragement that I have grown into a self-reliant person today.

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March 2, 2015 at 8:48 AM delete

Kudos to you & your Mom. May you fulfill her dreams and yours too!
Our parents are really a great support. Grateful.

Anmol Rawat
March 20, 2015 at 10:31 PM delete

Thank you Anita :)
I will :) Yes, parents are a great support and we should value them.


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