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When it comes to apparels, many a people including me, face a problem with the size. That problem exists even though I’m not overweight or obese or too slim. Even with a regular build, I’m not satisfied with the fits most of the times and then a lot of time is wasted just to get theme altered as per your need. The readymade shirts or trousers are made with universally acceptable fittings but that does not mean that it will fit perfectly to your body shape and size. The only two ways left in front of you in such situation are – either go for alterations or compromise with the fittings.

I came across a Van Heusen store recently in Connaught Place, Delhi. I was just browsing through some of the shirts when the My-Fit section came into my view. The title caught my attention immediately and I moved towards the section. A representative then informed me how things work in my fit. Basically, they have all kind of different sizes and mid sizes available in the My Fit section.

So, I tried different shirts to know what was perfect for my body. The best part is that I was able to choose a mid-size. Now, if you purchase from my fit, you have myriad options available to choose from. You can choose different fits, mid sizes, collar type, cuff type, and even alter the arms to your need. Then you don’t have to choose from the available shirts. They provide you with a booklet that comprises of all sorts of different stuff and patterns from which; you can choose the one you like. Original clothes are cut out and pasted in that booklet so that you can check the fabric and quality there itself.

The same goes for the trousers. You can choose from different sizes and then you can choose the fit you want for your pair. Then, you can provide them with the length you desire for the same. It is followed again with the choosing of fabric from a wide array of patterns.

While purchasing from My Fit, you can choose to order with cash on delivery payment method as well. Thus, you don’t have to worry about payment as well. The best part is that whatever you order is freshly stitched just for you as per your personalized sizes and alterations. In short, you are able to wear the clothes that were specially stitched for you with the almost accurate dimensions of your body.

Isn’t it great? When you wear a shirt or a trouser customized with my fit, you will feel a huge difference in the fitting and that will be a visible one. My-Fit will definitely redefine your looks and will force you to consider it again when purchasing in future. Below, I'm sharing my pictures wearing the Van Heusen My-Fit shirt and trousers.

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