Taking that Necessary Step

Every student is unsure and fearful about his career choice. The education system does not offer enough light on the career choices that are available to the students and this is the reason why most of the Indian students turn out to be either engineers or doctors. 

I had a similar fate when I was opting for my career. I had no idea what to choose and what field will prove to be optimum for me. All of my friends were opting for engineering. Even I had given the entrance test and I had found a placement for me (not in an elite college but an engineering college nonetheless). However, that step was taken just because everyone was doing it. I had no idea what all will I have to do as an engineer (if I become one someday). I was an above average student and all the above average and excellent students had chosen either engineering or medical fields. 

However, at the last moment, I chose to divert myself from what everybody was doing. I chose an altogether different career choice, something that could not have even been imagined by my peers. I chose to explore my creativity in the animation field. Now, you must be thinking that this is my #StartANewLife story but it is not. Some people are bound to face several difficulties in their career life. They have to go through a set of hurdles before they can find the ultimate blissful destination. I happen to fall under the same category of people.

I struggled with my career but all in vain. Time was running fast and I had to make a decision. The peer pressure and family pressure was increasing every passing day and it left me baffled. Finally, I found something I should have opted for long back. I found my passion in writing. It was a difficult leap and was a crucial one. But, I decided to plunge forth. This moment was the #StartANewLife moment for me. I took up some freelance writing assignments and started developing my skills. Soon after, I landed myself a job. It did not pay enough but I was happy. Soon, I started blogging and exploring my creative side. I bagged a few wins and attained the attention of several bloggers. Things started building well for me and I was happy. But the happiness peaked when I was shortlisted for an anthology series (the book has been published now). It was followed with the ‘game of blogs’ win and another book is on its way. Earning a living through blogging is a difficult thing, which is why I need other sources as well. I may still be struggling but I’m completely satisfied with my choice and happy to have been writing for so long. Peace of mind is the ultimate necessity and I have finally achieved that. Hopefully I will be able to write more about my achievements pretty soon. 

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