Story of Tublu (Jahid Akhtar) - Review

Story of Tublu (Jahid Akhtar) - Review

Story of Tublu (Jahid Akhtar) - Rating

Author:  Jahid Akhtar
Publisher: LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9789382536758
Pages: Paperback, 204 pages

Bipin and his little boy Tublu move to a faraway land due to the floods and meet with Mr. Sharma. Mr. Sharma appoints Bipin as his driver and sends Tublu to school for studying. Tublu and Maina (Mr. Sharma’s daughter) gorws a friendship bond between them and there begins the journey of Tublu.

The book follows with the life of Tublu, his academics, his growing attraction towards Maina and eventually his job. It captures the hardships of life, the dramatic incidents, the innocent love and many more emotions into the journey.

Before I begin reviewing Story of Tublu, I want to thank Jahid Akhtar for sending me a copy to read and review. Congratulations for your debut. Being a writer, I can understand how great you must have felt achieving the success.

Coming back to the review, I finished reading Story of Tublu in one go. It was an easy-to-read kind of book where nothing grand happened and no twists followed. From the beginning until the end, the book has been narrated in plain and simple language with a smooth and straight flow. Now, I’m not against it and instead find such books to be great on a lazy holiday afternoon where all you want is a light read to occupy your day. Jahid succeeds with that. For me at least.

What I did not like about Story of Tublu is that it tries to embrace such a long period within 200 pages. It begins with Tublu as a child and ends at Tublu being a grown man. Between that, you get to know everything about his school life, his growing up, his crush, his teenage life, his job life and so much more. With so much at hand, the bigger things are subsided by the rapid change of events. Nothing could leave an impact on me frankly. Not even his love for Maina (even though I’m too much emotional) nor his life.

The next problem with Story of Tublu is that it is not the story of Tublu. I never felt he was the protagonist. We get to know equally about Maina as well. In fact, the last paragraph ends with Maina’s reverie. For so many chapters, Tublu is nowhere to be found. I felt since by the title a reader gets a hint that the story is about Tublu, the entire context should have been with him as the center.

I always try to be frank with my reviews and write what I felt while reading. By no means I want to dishearten Jahid with my review. In fact, I see a better potential in him than what he has already written. For a debut, it is still nice. The adolescent adventures brings back a few memories. The romance angle could have been intensified because I believe it had the potential to connect with so many people.

Anyhow, Story of Tublu can be picked up if you want to read something light and different from the usual teen fictions. Not bad for a read at all.

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