T: Terrified

I was terrified. He had rejected me straight away on my face. “I don’t want to marry a whore,” he had said. “Are you pure?” He had asked.

I had replied him honestly, because he sounded pretty mature in his talks and his charming demeanor had already attracted me towards him. I did not want to start a new relation on the foundation of lies. The question has left me stunned because I did not know that an educated person like him could talk like that. Whenever I read about such things, in people’s blogs, I always thought that at least the educated people did not ask such terrible questions. However, I was wrong.

“No,” I had said and told him about the guy who had promised me stars back in time. The guy with whom I had slept for the sheer nurturement of love and warmth we shared with each other. The guy who had abandoned me a few days after saying that I was a whore for sleeping outside of the marriage and he did not want to be in a relationship with a girl like me, let alone marry. The guy who had shattered my world and made it almost impossible to be restructured.

My truthfulness did not buy me anything. Here I was sitting alone, being rejected by a guy with whom my marriage was proposed by my parents. I’m terrified because I fear he will reveal it to my parents, when asked about the reason. I fear that they won’t understand me and will feel ashamed. I fear that I’ll be left alone and for what reason?

I wonder if the guy who wrecked my world, the guy who should actually be subjected to all of this for doing what he did even remembers me today. I wonder if he had to face any problem because he also had slept with a girl outside the bounds of the marriage.

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