W: Withdrawn

W: Withdrawn - A to Z Challenge

I felt withdrawn while nibbling on the food that was kept in front of me. All the eyes were set on me because I was usually quite chirpy especially during this hour of the night, but I could not talk with anyone tonight. How could I?

How could I tell them what was eating me up? How could I tell them that their beloved daughter was not returning from a two-day college trip but from a hospital? How could I tell them that their innocent daughter had just gone through an abortion? How could I tell them that I hated myself for what I had done?

But what choice did I have? He had left me alone the moment I told him about it. No picking up calls, no texts and nothing. He had just disappeared like he never existed. I know that we are too young to handle something like this, but he should have at least stayed with me. After all, he was also equally responsible for this.

I had lost hope after 20 days of his unexpected behavior. And to think that he wanted to marry me after the college. Killing an unborn is still considered as a crime by so many people, but what else could I have done?

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I don't know what's right or wrong but I surely understand the kind the pain the girl is going through. :( You penned it so well.


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