Y: Yielding

Y: Yielding - A to Z Challenge

They did not bother to ask me whether I wanted it or not. I felt like I had no choice of my own. They did not even bother to ask me once!

My husband died in a car accident while we were returning from a beautiful evening together. An evening, which I will never forget because that’s his last memory that is secured in my heart forever. Our five-month-old daughter and I survived the crash. Sometimes, I think I should have died along with him; life without him was unimaginable for me. However, looking at my daughter, I realized that she needed me more than I needed my husband.

I would have survived, lived, taken care of our daughter alone, but ‘life is long and without a companion, it’s almost impossible’, they had said. My parents and his. I am being married to his younger brother. No, I don’t want to. How can I? I love him. I still do. I’ll always do.

I’m being forced. I don’t want to, but I’m yielding because I don’t have a choice. I’m not given one.

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