Animal Farm (George Orwell) - Review

Animal Farm (George Orwell) - Review

Animal Farm (George Orwell) - Rating

Author:  George Orwell
Publisher: Penguin Books India
Publication Year: 2011 (first published in 1945)
ISBN: 9780143416319
Pages: Paperback, 95 pages

A group of animals from Manor Farm decides to revolt against the humans after getting annoyed and tired of their servitude to the men who keep on exploiting the animals. Their revolt is successful and they become free from any chains that had bounded them earlier.

However, they fall into a worse servitude by their own kind. Instead of leading an excellent life, they are doomed. Animal Farm is a political satire addressing the socialist and communist philosophy of Stalin in the Soviet Union. 

Animal Farm is the tiniest book I have ever read among the hundreds I have read so far. At just 95 pages, it is a quick read and the fact that it is an interesting one keeps you turning the pages until it’s over. Of course, you must have enough spare time for that to happen.

I really liked the book. Right from the beginning, I was hooked with it even though I knew what’s going to happen. The way George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) has narrated the events is brilliant. I am not quite fond of classics but this one was really good.

Animal Farm is a great satire, which might have been written seeking the political situation back in the forties, but holds true even for today. If you read the book understanding the true meaning of the context, you will definitely love it. I personally enjoyed reading the book. If you can fancy a satire, pick up the book immediately.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
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