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Golden Days

“I beat you, I beat you!” I shouted aloud celebrating my triumph over my mother. What were we playing? Street Fighter! Obviously, I had succeeded in learning a few combos in the game but my mother hardly knew how to play it, let alone beat me. Although, she improved with time and then it was not easy to beat her in the game.

This was just one of the video games I used to play with her. My sister was not much interested in it and that made mom my target. However, it was not just about playing video games. I still remember how happy I had been buying my first deck of WWF trump cards (yes, it was WWF back then, not WWE). I hope you can guess who turned out to be the victim.

I shared a strong connection with mom right from the beginning. I can hardly remember anything from the early childhood days except that fateful night when I was hit by an asthma attack and I kept her awake and worried the entire night. I remember how difficult it was for me, but I also remember how painful it was for her to see me in a condition like that. Yes, it was not a wonderful experience, but a wonderful memory that speaks of an unparalleled affection and care a mother has for her child.

I am an ardent reader. The interest was rooted by none other than my mom. I remember reading all those stories in kids magazines while lying on bed/floor with my head on her lap. She was an avid reader too and I might have received the passion genetically.

I remember running in the parks as she followed me enacting that she can’t catch me and I was faster than her. I remember her encouraging me to take the swing and then holding her breath as I glided down till she had me in her arms again.

I remember when I was ill. Jaundice, the doctors had said. I was not able to walk much and my final examinations were being conducted. I was in fourth standard then. She used to carry me the whole way to school so I could write what I knew. 95+ I had scored in those examinations and she had felt so proud.

I remember when our whole family was suffering from eye flu and both me and my sister had their exams. She used to read things from books so we could listen and learn. It was painful for her as well but she is my mother and she is strong. She would have never allowed us to fail in the examinations.

I can count a numerous memories that are still there in my heart and will always be. I’m glad that I grew up to be a person I am today. A person she feels proud of (despite of several taunts over being careless and what not). I was never the notorious kind and always a good child.

There are several things that you can do to make your mom happy. Frankly, a mother’s heart is not difficult to impress. She will be happy as far as you are happy and can share that happiness with her.

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Besides sharing the wonderful memories I have had with my mom, I also want to request to all the readers to take out some of the time from your busy schedule to be with her, to talk with her, to share your happiness with her. She sacrificed a lot for you and continues to do so till she can without expecting anything in return.

Mothers are the most beautiful creations. There’s no one like them in the entire world. Cherish them and offer them the love they deserve.

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