Hopeless Romantic (Mansi Jikadara B.) - Review

Hopeless Romantic (Mansi Jikandara B.) - Review

Hopeless Romantic (Mansi Jikandara B.) - Rating

Author:  Mansi Jikadara B.
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9789384027681
Pages: Paperback, 204 pages

Casey Dalton is a beautiful teenage girl who is introvert in nature. She shifts to Chicago along with her dad and bumps into a starkly opposite tempered guy Jason “Greek God” Ellwood on the very first day of her high school. Fascinated by his charming and godlike looks, she falls form him despite of the fact that he is already in a relationship with Lyra, his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Eric Simpson, a cute and innocent guy falls in love with Casey. 

Hopeless Romantic is a story that revolves around teenage relationships and explores them through the eyes of a teenager who has fallen in love for the first time in her life, that too with a guy who is considered to be a Casanova. 

Mansi Jikadara B. makes a debut through the book Hopeless Romantic. The story is not set in India, which was different and likeable. It begins with the development of the character Casey Dalton and the author makes you fall in love with her, the way she describes her to be. The bond between Casey and her father is really good to read about. I was glad that she introduced a parental figure within a romance fiction.

The book progresses with a steady pace and brings in a lot of flavors of high school life – classes, projects, love, heart breaks, prom and what not. Many characters are added but without making it a complex affair.

Mansi targets the teenage and YA readers with her narration and overall story of Hopeless Romantic. Moreover, the book can be categorized as a chick-lit fiction that is supposed to please the girls more. From that point of view and considering that this is her first book, it is a nice debut. I finished reading the book in a single day. It’s an easy to read tale that does not get too stretchy and keeps you going.

However, there are many grammatical errors in the books which sort of ruins the mood. But, she has confirmed that a revised edition (free from errors) will be available soon, which will eradicate this issue. Secondly, the climax seemed to be hurriedly forced to meet up with the requirement of story.

Other than that, I found Hopeless Romantic to be a nice one time read, something you can pick up and read lazing around on your bed, on a weekend.

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