Breaking the #SniffSniff Code

Receiving clues and playing Sherlock is always fun. I enjoyed playing with BlogAdda in #WhatTheBlack and was happy to be one of the firsts to decipher the clue. Surprisingly, I was right as well. When BlogAdda announced the #SniffSniff activity, I was extremely excited and all the nostalgia came rushing through. I excitedly subscribed to the activity and waited eagerly for the clues to arrive. 

Sniff Sniff Day 1

As you can see above, the first clue was a wooden clip that was placed above the nose of a man’s vector art. It clearly indicated that the man was distressed of something smelly. What could it be? My first guess itself was body odor. When I read on the inside, it suggested the same. So, what could it be? It had to be a deodorant or perfume. A new range maybe? But I needed to be patient for the next clues. You never know right?

Sniff Sniff Day 2

The second clue was amazing. Coffee Beans! For a person who loves coffee, it is a sweet gift. Although I shrugged myself to senses because that was not a gift but a clue that I had to decipher. My belief was a bit shaken because I could not connect the two things at first. However, then I shared it on my Facebook profile and twitter and my friends enlightened me about my confusion. How could have I missed that? Coffee beans are usually provided to people when they are checking out different fragrances. At this point, I was sure that a new deo or perfume range is on way.

Sniff Sniff Day 3

The third clue was a mask. Well, wasn’t it too clear of a clue? I guess, BlogAdda went easy on the bloggers this time. Deciphering the mystery this time was as easy as ABC. Even then, if anyone would not have been able to, this last clue was everything one needed to be sure. Why would you need a mask? Obviously, if you travel in public transports, you can understand and relate with it easily. 

So, I was sure but I wasn’t sure which brand is it going to be. Then, I received a package by BlogAdda, revealing the product and it was a new deodorant by Nivea. Ah, Odor control! How I wish I could gift it to all the passengers who traevel daily in Delhi Metro. 

Sniff Sniff Day 4

Anyways, the fragrance is refreshing and the product is effective. It does what it says (I can say that after using it a few times now.). 

Thank you BlogAdda for this activity and wholesome fun that is a necessity in the busy day to day life. 

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Lux G.
June 26, 2015 at 5:18 PM delete

Oooh. This sounds fun. And Nivea is a really great product.


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