Honey Diet is Better Than the Crash Diet

I have often noticed that people start being careful about their diet as the summers approach. This is because they can’t hide anymore under half a dozen of clothes. However, most of the people are actually doing it in a wrong way. Being careful about the diet should mean a healthy and balanced diet. However, people tend to cut short their food intakes without thinking what it might do to their health. It’s ironic that people who are eating the oily and junk food endlessly, caring about nothing at all during the winters seem to be so concerned in the summers that they literally stop eating. Oh, and a name has been derived as well. It is known as crash dieting.

Even if you consult doctors or dieticians, they will advise you that you must take a healthy meal. Skipping meals can only deprive your body of the basic nutrients that are essential for healthy functioning of body and organs. Our bodily functions derive energy through these nutrient. Consider a situation. What will happen if you stop oiling mechanical equipment? The same happens inside our body. 

The first thing that you should analyse is your age and the your day to day chores. It is essential that you know how much calories are burnt in the activities you do on daily basis. You must replenish at least that much and consume a bit more to keep your day healthy. Dabur Honey has come up with an extremely 3 clicks diet planner that can help you with the process. You can visit it to have an almost accurate results which can help you greatly in defining your diet. 

Talking about honey, did you know that if included in your diet, honey can prove to be extremely effective. It contains a unique combination of natural sugars and offers itself as a fuel to facilitate the liver in producing glucose. The glucose keeps the brain sugar levels high and assists in releasing fat burning hormones. These hormones actually work around to burn the excessive fat from your body. 

The basic application of honey diet includes replacing sugar from your routine with honey. You can even begin your day with a teaspoon of honey in luke warm water (empty stomach). Even including this little routine can help you majorly in reducing that extra flab. 

The honey diet also triggers metabolic changes to ensure that you don’t crave for sugar. Moreover, you don’t have to keep counting on the calories, you don’t have to pay a dietician more than you can afford and you don’t have to starve. 

So what will be your choice? Indulging in a honey diet or restraining yourself from your basic nutritional needs and ultimately falling victim to ailments?
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Lux G.
July 15, 2015 at 12:43 PM delete

I know a friend that every time I see her she's into different kinds of diet. And she wonders why nothing seems to work.

Cn Networks
July 22, 2015 at 4:46 PM delete

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Anjana Anju
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