Ab Montu Bolega - Swach Bharat Campaign

Everyone is up in the support of Swach Bharat Abhiyan and they are supporting it in full zeal and vigor. Supporting by flooding the social media. If you go out patrolling on the streets and visit the famous hang out places, you will know the stark truth. But let’s not even go there. Let’s begin from our residential area. Throwing wrappers, small waste and even garbage in the park near the house is not really a big deal for people. It is pretty normal a task for them. Even when you ask them, they will revert back with a smart (foolish) reply that the soil in the ground will disintegrate the organic waste. Of course the flies, the smell, the worms do not matter at all. They don’t even care even when their own children play in the same park.

Then, dogs are in trend these days. Every second house has a pet dog just for the sake of it. But where do the dogs excrete?  Oh, anywhere they want to. It can be the same parks, it can be the road or it can be the main street. Anywhere. Literally.

One day, I found a man peeing on the wall. First, he was a local person from the same area. Secondly, even if he had not been, this is not acceptable. Third, there was a public toilet just a few steps ahead of the place. Do you know what the answer was when he was asked why he was not using the public toilet? He simply said that the public toilet reeked. A candid response (sarcasm?).

People make the open sewers their dumping ground. They are not even aware of the fact that the blocked sewers will only going to create a problem for them. Instead of reporting about the same, they further deteriorate the situation.

Then, there are spoilt teenagers. First, they are drinking openly without any fear. Secondly, they are driving in their drunk state. Third, they throw away their bottles right on the roads and supposedly, the sound of breaking glass amuses them. But of course, anything they eat is also littered on the roads. While the police is doing whatsoever, they even pose threat to the society other than dirtying the streets.

If you see all the points that I have mentioned, I have not even moved out of my residence. It has all been confined in my residential area. You can just imagine what all issues will hit you the moment you step out of my residence.

Do you think we should knock the doors of authorities? Wouldn’t it be nice if we first acknowledge our own faults and try to develop a clean India? Aren’t we the one majorly responsible for it? Shouldn’t we actually work for a Swach Bharat instead of just talking about it?

#AbMontuBolega is a campaign brought to us by Strepsils that speaks of the power of voice. No need to be a silent spectator when you all have a voice to express yourselves. It is time to raise your voices in a collaboration and spread awareness. It is time to make a difference instead of sitting quietly and watching the show. The power of voice is unparalleled and this campaign encourages you for the same.

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